Hi everyone and welcome back to another blog post. I have another hair one for you so lets get started. I have been "natural" (for those who don't know this means I have not used any chemical in my hair to get it semi to permanently straight ) since 2012. Maybe I will do a different blog post on my hair journey, we'll see.

Anyway so I have been natural now for about 4 years and it has been one heck one of an interesting journey that has culminated in me loving my 4c hair and styling it in so many many many different ways. Below I have documented the different ways I style it and it is just the tip of the iceberg. I know all too well how stuck for ideas you can be when you are inbetween protective styles or you just want your natural hair to run wild and free for a while, I hope this gives you a few ideas enjoy x


What I usually do the night before is put my hair in some sort of stretching style i.e twists so iI can get a twist out( my hair does not like twist outs), bantu knots, flat twists or braid outs. You know how you watch those youtube videos and they advice you whilst styling your hair to get volume lift the root of your hair but not all the way through so you can keep your curls? Well to get this look I do the opposite and lift from the root and comb all the way through maybe leaving a bit at the end and thats how you get your voluminous fro.

Your afro comb will be your best friend with this look so make sure you carry it with you if you are out that day cause you find that it will fall and shrink so a quick lift with your fro comb should fix that.

I tried a middle part here, didn't work out so well....not to my liking anyway

I tried a middle part here, didn't work out so well....not to my liking anyway


I think we can all see why this is call the Pac-Man. To achieve simply put a side part in the above look. 

What you talking to me??

What you talking to me??

3. Crowned

Adding an accessory is another instant way to style up your fro and high street stores are full of these snap chat filters hair accessories. 


When all else fails the classic bun is a definite go to, you can also try using an headband or a scarf to switch things up instead of a rubber band or old pair of cut up tights.


Last but not the least try adding accessories to your fro bun as well for that extra unique touch.

This is just the tip of the iceberg in styles as I have mentioned.. will do another post on more styles as i discover them. Thanks for joining me today have a productive rest of the week.

See you on the next page. Till next time

Duces x