Lush Cosmetics Blogger Event


Hi guys and welcome back to my blog, so about two weeks ago I attended my first blogger event at Lush Cosmetics in Nottingham. It was an event specifically dedicated to the ethics of the company, where they source their materials, their charities and so forth.

When we arrived we were met with two boxes of huge donuts by The Nottingham Donut Company, once we all got settled and got to network with other local bloggers we got into the first talk

The talks started off with a little bit of Lush's background story and how they fight animal testing and do not work with companies or parent companies who test on animals. They also went into more details about their naked campaign that thrives to reduces as much packaging as possible by using substitutes such as paper instead of plastic and transforming shampoos and conditioners from liquids into bars.

Came home with my goodies wrapped in their knot wraps, which I got to hand pick and are made from recycled materials. 

All in all it was a really good night, got to meet some lovely bloggers here in the Midlands and learn more about Lush and their work in being a cosmetics company that is cruetly free, environmentally friendly and fair to the communities in which they source their products. They also enable their employees to be individuals and be themselves.

For more information on this company and their ethics visit here . I would high recommend them if you are looking for 100% vegetarian and 80% vegan cosmetics company.

I will also link below a youtube video of one of the bloggers at the event and her vlog of the event.

Thanks again for stopping by guys, appreciate the love and support.

Till next time

Duces x