Style Medium|Pretty Polly Review

Hi all and welcome back again to my blog, hope you all had a fantastic week. So a few weeks ago someone from Pretty polly reached out to me to do a review on some of their products. Pretty Polly is a  hosiery and lingerie brand based in Nottingham, they wanted me to review some of their tights so I went on their website and got to pick 4.


Off the bat this was my favourite out of all of the 4 I picked, this is light weight and sheer and it's in a brown nude colour. Now I was very sceptical at first because not of a lot companies get nude tights for brown and black girl right but I must say this was the perfect shade on me. You have to look very hard to see that I have tights on. The only thing I will say is that I would love to see a wider range of these tights in darker browns and even lighter browns for the variety of brown and black girls out there cause these were just perfect.

Yes I laddered them a bit cause I like to pull my tights right up and these are thin so I would say handle with a but more care than I did.

And they do not make my legs look ashy, that was also one of my concern that they would give me that grandma in white tights ashy look but nope like i said can't even tell I've got em on!!!!


So of course I also had to get a black pair, these were again a sheer pair but these ones had a glistening shiny, oiled effect to them that just gave your legs that sexy glowy look.

Again I did ladder these as well but i got a lot of use out of it and they are sheer tights just like any other tights they will ladder especially if you are a bit forceful with them like I am with everyone of my tights.

See that sexy sheen, glowy look I was on about!!

3. Pretty Tempting Nude

This next one is a pair of nude fishnet tights, now fishnet tights as we have seen are a huge trend at the moment and I just had to try on the nude to see how it looked compared to black as I already had a pair of black ones. And again it was to also see how the tights looked on my complextion and skin tone.

These did not complement my skin tone like the other nude pair did, however I can still work with it, maybe try it on a different outfit. I actually wore it underneath ripped black jeans and the nude black contrast worked really well.


These jumbo net tights are the one if you are going for that exaggerated fishnet tight look, especially under really ripped jeans they look hot!. The thing I found with these is because of the size of the holes they do tangle, however this is easily fixed. To untangle them if they do tangle, run your hand through them by putting your hand in the tights to straighten them out, this helps find were the tangles and knots are.

Final Thoughts

The nude and black sheer tights I got in a size M/L and the other two only had one size. I have provided links on each heading to the tights on the pretty Polly website.

Overall I loved all the tights I  received and I would definitely buy them again and some of their other lingerie items, definitely recommend them and also I love supporting local retailers and companies.

That's all for today hope you guys check them out on their website and social media page.

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Duces x