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Hi all and welcome back to my blog, I have mentioned before that I don't want to use my blogging platform to just showcase or express my style and thoughts. I also want to use it to highlight other style and fashion inspirations hence the section on style muse, as well as brands hence the section on articles.

For you today I have a guest blog post by the beauty and skincare brand EOS- evolution of smooth. They are the pioneers of the orb shaped lip balms that everyone went crazy for when they first came out and are still going nuts about. Well in the spirit of Valentines season as we all want to achieve smooth kissable lips keep on reading to find out how and the benefits of using lip balm. x

Lip Balm Benefits

If you're like most women, then you have developed a solid, stick-to beauty routine to maintain a healthy, clear complexion and features. 

Most of the time, we appear to be mainly obsessed with our facial skin and keeping it clear and youthful for as long as we can. What many women forget is the value of a lip balm, as a key step in the beauty maintenance arsenal. It might sound too simple to even worry about, but lips hold significance for several important reasons.

It doesn't matter how big, small, thin or full your lips naturally are, because all lips share the same delicate thin tissue. In other words, lips dry out quickly, because they are not anatomically created with essential oil glands or sweat glands. Lips also contain less pigment melanin in them, so they are more translucent and can also burn from the searing sun.

That is why a lip balm is absolutely necessary day and night and in between to keep lips soft, youthful-looking and moist. Because our lips are always exposed, the cold, brutal weather can really do a number on them. Chapping occurs when dehydration is present. 

Some dermatologists describe the lips as a sponge, meaning they will plump up when exposed to moisture and retain water. When lips are dehydrated, they shrink and dry out, leading to chapping, cuts and uncomfortable results.

A great lip balm that promotes superb hydration and protection is the ideal addition to your beauty bag. Look for lip balms that contain vitamins like C and E and soothing moisturising boosters like shea butter, aloe, cocoa butter, lanolin or glycerin. Sun protection is suggested too, so a high SPF factor will provide an excellent barrier for your exposed lips out in the elements

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Lip Care Tips

  • Always travel with lip balm, and keep several in easy to reach places like the nightstand, kitchen, purse and car.
  • Don't forget to drink plenty of water to keep lips supple and hydrated.
  • Using a lip scrub is another way to enhance your lip balm routine, as it removes dead skin cells fast, provides good circulation and promotes softness.
  • When applying your lip balm at night before retiring, dermatologists suggest applying the balm just outside the lip line for maximum coverage. Our lip borders also thirst for moisture. 

Maintaining soft, smooth, kissable lips isn't that hard; it takes a smart routine and the proper lip balm.

BY EOS-evolution of smooth

There you have it guys, quick tips on how to keep lips chap free and moisturised. Don't forget to comment, like and share.

Till next time. Duces x