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Hi all it's your friendly neighbourhood blogger, welcome back to my blog, I know what you are thinking another blog post? Yes I know you guys are just lucky like that.

I mentioned when I first started my blog that I not only wanted it to be a platform to display my style , I also wanted to use it to showcase and display other talents and artists etc and not necessarily in the fashion biz. 

Today I have for you Lee Bojan, Lee is a BA Fashion student at Nottingham Trent Univeristy and specialises in Men's fashion. A couple of weeks ago I got to go to his fashion pop-up store after I met him randomly at Cobden Chambers, Nottingham when I was on one of my shoots. We got talking and he invited me to his fashion pop up and I have to say he is very talented.

If you are in Nottingham you have to check out his line of men's wear, it is artistic and out of the box thinking and I must say some of his designs are not for everyone but if you are bold and love to experiment with fashion and style then you definitely need to check him out. I will also put his social media pages below. 

So here are some of the designs in his collection. Enjoy x

This was one of my favourite pieces, it is a bag pack that unfolds into a jacket!!!

Thanks for joining me again to day and don't forget to check out Lee on instagram

Till next time

Duces x