Nigeria's First Blogger Agency

Good day all, hope you are all doing well, I took a little break these past two weeks so I hope you haven't missed me too much ;). I want to use this chance to say a big thank you to everyone, those I know and those I don't who continue to support me. I have been taking this blogging thing more seriously for  a year now and although i'm not where I want to be as the cliche goes I am definitely  not where I was a year ago, for that I am grateful and want to say a big thank you to you all. 

That been said lets get into today's post. 

I think it's fair to say that bloggers have access to an array of audiences that a brand or label might not reach through advertising campaigns or various other mediums. Due to this brands are increasingly adding blogger corners, forums and various schemes in which they can partner up with bloggers.

Well what if they can come to you instead of combing through the list to find the one best suited for you, this is where blogger agencies and communities come into the scene, they help connect bloggers to brands and brands to bloggers.

The Blogger Point is one of such communities and Nigeria’s ever first blogger agency, it is a networking platform that connects Nigerian brands and bloggers. After their first blogger’s brunch I had a talk with the founder and CEO of the company Maryam Adesola SALAM. Maryam is originally from Kogi State, Nigeria and an undergraduate degree holder in Fashion, Marketing and Branding from Nottingham Trent University.

  • What Is the purpose of The blogger point and your mission statement?

The purpose of the blogger point is to connect Nigerian bloggers together both home and abroad. Connect Nigerian bloggers to brands in order to collaborate easily and to promote made in Nigeria brands and products. The Blogger Point mission statement is to create a platform for Nigerian bloggers to connect with like-minded people.

  • You claim to be Nigeria’s first blogger community/agency this is a pretty big claim?

According to our research, no one at this present time offers the same services as us. So, yes, we can proudly say we are the first, bloggers in Nigeria have also confirmed that we are the first to offer these services.

  • ·       Where did the idea come from to start a bloggers agency?

    The Bloggers Point idea come from a personal interest. I decided to visit Nigeria and stay for a long while. As a blogger myself, I planned to work with several Nigerian brands to promote Nigeria products. But I didn't know where to find them or how to contact them. So I thought it would be a great idea to create an agency where it can be easy for brands to find bloggers to work with and on the other hand, easy for bloggers to Connect with brands and bloggers, all under one umbrella.


  • You just had your first bloggers brunch how did you feel it went?

Personally, I was blown away with the amount of bloggers interested and bloggers we got on board. The day can just be described as a success. The turn up was great and finally I could see creativity and people with the same interests can actually build a strong community.

  • What are your future hopes and aims for The Blogger Point?

The blogger point has great projects we will be unveiling along the year. We have creative ideas for both bloggers and brands in Nigeria. We are here to redefine the Nigeria blogosphere.

  •  Lastly how can Nigerian bloggers locally and overseas get involved?

The website registration is totally free for bloggers both locally and internationally. They can also update their profile, for example choosing their location for us to easily target them. All our services are open to all Nigeria bloggers around the world for example: snapchat takeovers, share your blogging story, young entrepreneurs story sharing etc. We have a live forum discussion session every Thursday from 7pm to 9pm which is open to all bloggers to login and participate. We also post collaboration offers in Nigeria and abroad, so depending on their location. They can always participate. We have more projects also coming on for all bloggers and Vloggers.

As bloggers success in the form of gaining recognition and influence in the industry can be slow and the Nigerian blogosphere is just starting to gain momentum, do you think having such agencies in Nigerian to connect the blogging community is a good idea? More importantly is it an idea that can work in Nigeria?

 Please let me know in the comments below

To add my two cents I think it is an idea that can definitely work in Nigeria and I am excited to see what Maryam and her team will do for Nigerian bloggers and brands, it is definitely worth jumping on board. You can follow The BloggerPoint on instagram, snapchat and other social media sites @thebloggerpointng or their website .

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