Does My Melanin Offend You?

Hi all and welcome back to my blog. Some time last week I put a post up on my instagram about addressing social issues especially that within the black community in the United States through the platform of my blog.

I have been in two minds about this and was questioning how a fashion platform can in any way serve as a social platform. After some time thinking I thought what the heck someone might visit my page, read it and something can change. 

So I thought to ease into it and not start off too heavy but I pose a question...

Does my Melanin offend you?

Does my blackness make you angry?

When my skin glows in the rays of the sun does it paint you green with envy?

Do the perfected coils of my nappy hair make you afraid of me? No? 

Then why do you persecute and ridicule my sun blackened exterior?

Why do you insist I tame and hide my nappy crown?

You like my music, you like my culture, you like that black .....

You like my cornrows oh and yes my hair grows but you just don't like me? 


I think one of the many things we have to do is foster conversations regarding this issue.

There needs to be an admission of a racial prejudice within the US systemic and institutional structure by the very leaders of those structures

We are not looking for saviours but there needs to be corporation of blacks and non blacks alike in order to find a solution.

If all you see me as is just a fashion blogger who is just reaching into unknown territories and spewing up opinions then give me credit as a student of social science with two degrees. 

I want to use this platform to foster conversation, clear up misunderstandings, share some knowledge and awake a generation, history is repeating itself and we are not learning from it.

I know this might not be as much of an issue here on the UK as it is in the US but I too in the UK  has encountered racial discrimination and I won't wait for it to become a problem before I speak. 

So I ask again to the not so rich in melanin world DOES MY MELANIN OFFEND YOU?

If so then why? Lets talk...