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Hello Beautiful people and welcome to my blog.  Here is a lil Q&A and get to know me and why I created the blog.

Introduce Yourself My name is Christianah, I am 26 years old. Currently living in Nottingham, UK (Robin Hood City) but I was born in Nigeria (omo naija for life) and raised in the UK (Sheffield to be precise).

What do you do apart from blogging? I work as a researcher.

What is your style? I love street style and my looks always tend to lean towards that and I also love the 90s, so yeah any and everything street style and 90s.

Why did you start blogging? I started blogging as a creative outlet and a way of escape from uni and work etc but I also created the blog for you, yes you, to inspire, empower and energise you. I am deeply passionate about helping others express themselves via the medium (hence style medium) of fashion and style.

What do you hope people take away from your blog? I hope you gain more insight about yourself through my content. Through the medium of fashion and style I hope you learn to further express who you are, come out of yourself and be the best you.


Peace and Love x

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