"Medium" is defined in the english dictionary as "A means by which something is communicated or expressed" (OxfordDictionary.2015)

Hi and welcome to my blog, my name is Christianah but you can call me Chrissy. One of the definitions of "medium"  as stated above is  "A means by which something is communicated or expressed". I have created this blog as an avenue or means where by you can express who you are via your style, to inspire others and to also inspired by others. Fashion and style are one of the most obvious and biggest ways we translate our identity to the outside world and like it or not people will judge you either good or bad based on the way you look (Its just a fact of life).

The premise of style and fashion is that we all want to be to be "unique" and "original" we want to stand out. I am not promising to be any of those things. Why reinvent the wheel?....If it ain't broke don't fix it (I think you get the point here..)  All I promise to be is me and that in it self should be unique enough.

I am a twenty something year old "average" girl currently living in the city of Nottingham, UK. I have been thinking about starting this for a while and was kind of put off cause EVERYONE and their dog has a blog (literally). But just because everyone is doing it doesn't mean there isn't room on the bandwagon.

 I aim to feature other styles not just myself, so if you would like to be featured please don't hesitate to get in touch. To put all of this in a nut shell "Style is a medium via which You and I can portray our identities", be it "original" or not. Enjoy.

Duces x